Woman in hunt for long-lost relative last heard of in Port Talbot

12 December 2012

A WOMAN who was last heard of living in Port Talbot is being sought by a member of her family.

Amy Wilson was born in Lincoln.

Amy Wilson is the younger sister of Bernard Bradshaw, and it is his daughter, Rose Lewis, who is trying to get in touch.
Rose, who lives in Lincoln, said: “The reason I’m on the hunt for family members is that I’m trying to fill in some very large gaps in my family circumstances, and there are very few people around who might have the information I’m looking for.
“The person I’m searching for is my late father’s younger sister. She was born Amy Bradshaw in Lincoln in 1930. Her father was George Bradshaw and her mother was Edith (born Edith Spittlehouse), both also of Lincoln.
“She also had an older brother, Bernard, born in 1925, who was my father. Edith Bradshaw died in 1931 and George died in 1935, leaving Bernard and Amy to be brought up by their Aunt Mabel, who was their father’s unmarried sister. They were living at this time at 31 St Andrews Drive, Lincoln.
“My parents married in 1947, but sadly my mother died at my birth in 1948 and as far as I’m aware I never actually met my father as I was brought up by my grandmother and her husband.
“After a lot of internet searching and hours spent in the local library, I’ve learned that he was still in Lincoln at least until 1950/51 but at some time after that date he moved to Staffordshire where he married again to a lady called Phyllis Hollins, with whom he had three children.
“I’ve been in touch with my half-siblings and they tell me that Amy married a man called Gordon Wilson, who was in the air force. I know from records that this marriage took place in 1951.
“Apparently Amy and Gordon divorced at some point after that, although she kept her name of Wilson. Over the years my siblings lost touch with her, and all they could tell me about her whereabouts was that she was last heard of in Port Talbot.
“I know that Amy would be an old lady now, if she’s still alive, but it would be very useful to find her as she’s really the only person who could tell me exactly what happened all those years ago.”
If you can help Rose, contact Tazzy120@aol.com or call 01522 750745.

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