Who stole choir’s cash?

18 November 2013

THE theft of around £450 in cash on Saturday has left a Port Talbot choir devastated.

Happier times: Cor Serenata during a trip to Cornwall - now the theft puts future performances in doubt

Happier times: Cor Serenata during a trip to Cornwall – now the theft puts future performances in doubt

Cor Serenata had spent two weekends at Ebenezer Church on the Civic Square, selling cakes and second hand clothes to raise funds for the choir. They had raised more than £450, but the cash went missing as they were clearing the hall on Saturday evening. Now they’re appealing for help to find the thief.

The choir’s founder and organiser, Kerry Joshua, said she could have cried through the performance that followed the theft, and the whole 46-member choir has been left inconsolable.

“We worked so hard. We spent two weekends there, filling up the hall and setting out on the Fridays and then selling on the Saturdays. We had all the cash from both weekends with us to keep it all together.”

To make matters worse, many of the clothes Kerry sold were from her mother, who passed away in March.

“I was thinking how thrilled she would have been to have been helping out the choir so much. It is horrible to think what’s happened now. I feel so low.”

“We have been through bags of left over clothes, through all the rubbish in the skip, but we know the cash isn’t there. It makes me feel sick to think that someone could have done that after all our hard work. We think it’s possible someone may have watched us count up at the end of the day and waited for a chance to steal the cash tin.”

The theft has been reported to the police, and Kerry said they have promised to scour CCTV footage from the square.

“But if anyone can help us or knows anything about the theft, please come forward,” said Kerry. “We use our fund to help us perform, buy music and pay for buses, and without this money I don’t know what we’ll do.”

Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or South Wales Police on 101.

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