Vomiting bug sparks plea to visitors as hospital wards close

12 December 2012

MEDICS in Port Talbot are urging people not to visit hospitals if they have, or have recently had, sickness or diarrhoea.
The spread of norovirus has already forced wards to close to new patients and visitors in several hospitals, meaning patients cannot be transferred from the ward – except to go home – and new patients can’t be admitted, leaving empty beds unused and putting more pressure on services.
Nicola Williams, assistant director of nursing at ABM Health Board, said: “To help protect patients and to keep our services running, we are asking everyone, and in particular visitors to our hospitals, for their help and support.
“If you have sickness and/or diarrhoea, stay at home for at least 48 hours from the last time you were sick and/or had diarrhoea.
“Even if your symptoms have stopped, don’t be tempted to pop to the shops, attend social functions, visit a relative, go back to work or school, or have friends or extended family visit you before the 48 hours is up.
“We are especially asking that you don’t visit friends or relatives in hospital as you could still pass the virus to other people during this time.
“If you have been looking after, or have been in close contact with someone who has diarrhoea and/or vomiting, please do not visit any of our hospitals for 48 hours after the last symptom was experienced.
“Even if you haven’t got any symptoms, you could be carrying the infection and pass it on to patients in the hospital.”
She added: “Everyone can help to reduce the spread of the sickness and/or diarrhoea bug by remembering to wash their hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and before handling food.”
To learn about norovirus and what to do if you or a member of your family gets it, visit the ABM website at www.abm.wales.nhs.uk

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