Two minutes with… Rhys Matthews

18 April 2011

Rhys Matthews was trained at RADA, and has worked extensively in the theatre. He has recently opened his own stage school in Port Talbot. He talks to Ken Smith

Name: Rhys Matthews

Age: 27

Star sign: Libra

Job title: Actor

Role in the Passion: The Teacher’s brother

If I hadn’t been an actor I’d love to have been a…. Rock musician

Favourite thing about Port Talbot: The beach

Least favourite thing about PT: The unfair bad reputation the town has

What are you reading at the moment? A book of research on the Gospel according to Mark for preparation for the play

When’s the last time you cried? Last night at a good TV drama

What bit of the Passion can’t you wait for people to see? The Crucifixion

What’s been the most challenging thing about The Passion? The fact that we didn’t start off with a script and so we are always evolving and adapting to new material.

Is there life after The Passion? I hope so. I will be starting my own stage school – The Anthony Hopkins Performance Academy in Port Talbot.

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