The Vackees opens at Princess Royal

25 October 2011

The Vackees
Buzz, played by Ethan Reed. Photo: Ingrid Bousquet

Thomas Hearn took the part of hero Kip, making short work of the London accent and leading a tough gang of evacuated children ( the ‘vackees’) in a battle against the country lads who wanted them gone. Leader of the Somerset gang, Buzz, was played splendidly by Ethan Reed, who captured the accent and the body language of a scrapper very well.

The stern Aunt Luce was played by a very convincing Kelsey Griffiths, and Kip’s love interest Ellen was brought to life by bubbly Megan Parrott. The maid, Grace, was also very well done by Eleanor Williams.

Aled Williams took the part of a stranded German pilot, and almost stole the show in the second half.

With rousing songs by Carl Davis and some excellent scenery and costumes, this was an excellent performance, showcasing some fantastic local talent. This is a great family show – and there was even a toddler in the audience dancing in the aisles to prove it.

The Vackees, 7pm, is at the Princess Royal Theatre until Thursday. Tickets £8, concessions £6.

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Meyrick says:

Hi Rachel,

It was a pleasure seeing you with your family at The Vackees performance on Monday and thank you for’ posting’your review so quickly.

I am sure that some of your ‘ readers ‘ will take an opportunity to obtain tickets and see the last performance of The Vackees by the very talented young people tonight ( Wednesday ) A performance not to be missed !!!

Rachel Howells says:

It really was a great performance – my little girl loved it. She was dancing all the way through the second half and said it was brilliant. Can’t ask for a better review than that!