The Passion: How was it for you?

20 June 2011


EIGHT weeks after the staging of The Passion, the Michael Sheen spectacular which brought Port Talbot and its residents to the attention of the world, and at the end of a week in which two BBC television documentaries took it into the homes and hearts of people across the UK, the MagNet has been out and about in the town to find out how you – or some of you – perceive the production and its impact.

Jennifer Jones, of Sandfields, expressed a view shared by many.

People are still passionate about The Passion.

“It was absolutely wonderful,” she said. “It has done so much for Port Talbot, and the two documentaries were very good. I would definitely like to see something like it again.”

Lisa Jones, of Baglan Moors, was in complete agreement.

“The Passion has put Port Talbot on the map,” she said. “It was great – patients at my clinic are still talking about it every day. It was wonderful – and everybody felt part of it.”

The National Theatre of Wales production also had Gaynor and Brian Mulcahy, from Clydach, and their pal Brian Walsh purring with pleasure.

“It was powerful – very good indeed,” said Gaynor. “It was good for Port Talbot, and will put it on the map.

“I had tears in my eyes again when I watched the documentaries. I hope it is repeated, and I hope it helps to change people’s views of Port Talbot.”

But Peter Monk, of Port Talbot, disagreed.

“The Passion was very good,” he said. “But I don’t think it will change people’s perceptions of the town. I hope it will, but I can’t see it.

“I would like to see the return of the old Passion, at Margam. It was brilliant, and the setting was beautiful.”

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