Cookie the cat makes a mystery appearance in Newcastle Emlyn

The mystery of Port Talbot cat stranded in Newcastle Emlyn

30 June 2016

A cat chipped by a vet’s surgery in the Port Talbot area has mysteriously appeared in the village of Brongest, just outside of Newcastle Emlyn.

Debbie Rushton, found the cat in her back garden and nicknamed him Cookie. She realised immediately that he was not from the local area, feeding the timid feline until it trusted her enough to allow her to take him to the vet for a check-up.

Debbie said, “We encouraged him with food, and within a couple of days he was coming to us for food and a fuss. Eventually he was used to us enough that I could get him into a cat carrier and take him to my vets for scanning. Lo and behold there was a chip and you think ‘success’ but then it gets weird.”

Cookie’s chip was found to be attached to the Port Talbot area, but attempts to reach the owners have been fruitless as both contact numbers are out of service.

Debbie added, “Perhaps it was holiday makers, or someone who rehomed around here. The odd bit for me is that having had him chipped the details were not kept up to date.”

The mystery surrounding Cookie the cat is yet to be resolved but Debbie harbours hopes her local veterinary service may be able to access the electronic chip company’s database to find contact details for his owners.

Cookie will remain in Debbie’s care for the time being until the owners can be traced. If you have any clues as to who might have owned Cookie, please email

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