Taste of Italy comes to Aberavon seafront

13 June 2012

A local Port Talbot family has opened an Italian-themed shop on the Aberavon seafront promenade.

shop 3

The inside of Gelato Gatti. Photo by Lewis Thelwall

Gelato Gatti opened on June 2 and the managers are keen to show off their new home-made ice-creams, which includes flavours such as Turkish delight, bubblegum, mint chocolate, peanut butter, rum and raisin, chocolate , mojito, jelly bean, tiramisu and jam doughnut.

Store Manager Laura said: “The family are the fourth generation of Welsh Italians who originate from the small town of Bardi in North Western Italy. We are the same family who owned Gatti’s Cafe in Cwmavon, which sold fresh coffee and ice cream.”

“We are proud to use the finest ingredients to make our entirely homemade ice creams. We use a type of ice cream called gelato that is a new Italian product to the UK, as it provides a rich creamy softer serve.”

They also sell a wide selection of snacks, confectionery, soft drinks, refreshments and hot drinks, as well as their trademark ice creams. They are open every day from 9am until 6pm and often later during the peak summer months.

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