Steel heroes fight to save the steelworks – but at what cost?

28 June 2016

Local steelworkers are breaking production records in their ongoing fight to save steelmaking in Port Talbot, but now some steelworkers are voicing concerns over safety as the 750 redundancies announced in January begin to make themselves felt.

The story is headline news in Port Talbot Magnet’s July edition, which goes out through doors from tomorrow.

Speaking exclusively to the Magnet, a group of steelworkers, who have asked to remain anonymous, have claimed manpower on some shifts is down by a third, but that men are still being expected to maintain the same levels of work. They say exhaustion is now common among workers.

A safety campaigner, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We all want to save the steelworks, of course we do. But at what cost? What are we left with? My fear is that the way things are going there could be serious injury or even a death. I along with everybody else am fighting to save our steel, but we have to ask, what are we fighting for? ”

At the time of going to press, neither Tata Steel nor Community Union had responded to Magnet’s questions on the workers’ concerns. However, Unions have stressed to David Rees AM and his team that health and safety concerns are being addressed with Tata management, and that gaps in staffing levels are in the process of being filled within the manning levels that are now left.

Read the full story in the July edition of the Port Talbot Magnet, out this week.

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