Shop Star – Laura Jones

21 December 2010

Laura Jones is manager of Select Retail, a national women’s fashion retailer in the Aberafan Centre.

Here’s her LNPT Shop Star Q&A.

Questionmaster: Rachel Howells

Three words that describe the store
Reasonable, quality, trendy!

Laura Jones, manager of Select, a fashion retailer in Aberavon Shopping Centre

What’s an average day like for you?
I don’t stop! I start at 8.45am with a briefing with my team. I go on to set out the store, take in deliveries and check the stock. I have to make sure the shop always looks fresh, so we move stock around and put our new lines in plain sight. We also have to keep the store clean, monitor our targets for the day and, most importantly, assist our customers.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Talking to the customers one-on-one and helping them find the perfect outfit. We’ve had a brilliant year so far, with lots of new faces coming through the door.

Do you wear the clothes yourself?
Yes! There’s always something new and different in the store, even jewellery and make-up. You’ve got to have a passion for what you’re selling, and I really think our product is improving all the time and we’re becoming a bigger name on the high street.

What do you like best about Port Talbot?
The people, definitely. I’m from Maesteg but I’ve worked in this store for more than five years now and I love it. The footfall in the centre is fabulous and there’s always a real busy buzz, and the staff working in the centre are brilliant as well.

What do you do to relax?
I love having a pyjama day with my little girl Katie, and having quality time with her.

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Personal Age 29, married to Dale, with one-year-old daughter, Katie

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