Sara’s confidence booster

25 July 2011

Miss Wales 2011, Sara Manchipp

On the final day of our exclusive interview with Baglan-based Miss Wales Sara Manchipp, the 21-year-old tells us how a confidence uplift for herself and her home town is very much on the cards over the next 12 months.

Q: Other than good A level results and a bright start to university life, what would you really like to achieve over the coming 12 months?

A: I really hope my time as Miss Wales will mean something for Port Talbot. If I’m not mistaken, I’m the first Miss Neath Port Talbot to take this national title so that in itself is a great honour and opportunity. It’s a confidence boost to me – so that’ll help me at the Met – and I’d like to turn it into a confidence boost for the town. It’ll definitely prepare me for my future career and it’ll help me take Port Talbot’s good messages to a wide audience. I’m really proud to be representing Neath Port Talbot, I’m proud to be representing Wales and I hope that a lot of good can come from that. I’ve always been incredibly patriotic, I love the fact that our small country of three million people can be distinguished through fabulous things such as its own language and I love the fact that I’m a fluent Welsh speaker. That means an enormous deal to me; I’ve always loved being involved in the Urdd and the eisteddfodau. Having our own national language that’s many hundreds of years old is a big positive for us, a great strength and something that celebrates our independent nature; more of us should learn it and it should be spoken much more than it is. You can’t imagine most French people speaking English instead of their own language, can you? Just wait until I get onto the Miss World stage in London … girls from other countries will speak their own languages so, on behalf of the three million people I’ll be representing, I’ll definitely be speaking a bit of Welsh!

Tomorrow Our interview with Port Talbot’s Sara Manchipp in full.

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