Port Talbot Tattoo Studio display support for steelworkers

10 May 2016

Port Talbot Tattoo studio have shown their support for the troubled steel industry by creating a large mural highlighting its importance to the local area. The studio also printed ‘save our steel’ t-shirts following the success of the mural.

The mural at

The mural at Castle Street

The mural image was designed on computer by one of the employees at the Port Talbot Tattoo studio before being emblazoned across the side. It was met with positive responses across social media platforms after being shared.

Ash Jenkins of the Port Talbot Tattoo studio said, “It’s definitely important to support the steel industry in Port Talbot as it is the heart of our local economy. We have many customers who work there and we care deeply about the risk to their livelihood and the worry they have for where they will work.”

She added, “We just wanted to keep attention on the subject, in the media and keep the pressure on the politicians to help us in any way they can. Generations of Craig’s [the designer of the mural] family have worked in the steelworks, and like I said, people we care about still do, and he is very proud to be from Port Talbot.”

The t-shirts displaying support for the steel industry can be bought from the tattoo studio on Castle Street, Port Talbot.


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