Kitted out: 450 Port Talbot primary schoolchildren showing off their new kits.

Rachel Howells

Port Talbot school kids all kitted out

15 July 2015

Hundreds of schoolchildren from primary schools across Port Talbot have been kitted out with new rugby and netball kits they designed themselves.

The kits have been donated to the schools thanks to a new scheme, run jointly by Aberavon Wizards and Tata Steel, which offered schools the chance to have their own free rugby and netball kits.

Each school ran competitions for their own pupils to come up with the new designs, and the children went to the manufacturers, Pictons, to see the winning designs being made.

The scheme is a result of a three-year collaboration between Tata Steel’s future generations programme and Aberavon RFC, and 13 local schools have benefited from rugby and netball training sessions and in-classroom activities.

Chris Davies is the Wizards’ marketing and school liaison manager.

He said: “Going into the schools on an almost weekly basis, I could see that in practical terms the schools needed help with their kit. Pupils were in years’ old kit and with school budgets squeezed it was not a realistic option for them to purchase new. Working with Tata Steel I think we have found a really innovative and fun way of providing schools with what they need, while giving back to our local community, a top priority for the club.”

Tata Steel’s Nia Singleton works as a community liaison manager, and added: From Tata Steel’s perspective, this is one of the biggest commitments we have made to local school sport. I was so pleased to see it become much more than simply local business providing strip to schools. Seeing the pupils enjoy the entire process from design to manufacture, getting their teachers and parents involved too, was just wonderful.



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