Port Talbot elections 2012

4 May 2012

We are providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the council elections from the press room at the Port Talbot civic centre. You can follow the action on Twitter (@LNPTMagnet) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/porttalbotmagnet). We will also post results here as we get them.

Candidates watch the counting for the council elections 2012 in the Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot

Candidates watch the counting for the council elections 2012 in the Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot. Photo by Ingrid Bousquet

We’ll post results and headline news for  Aberavon, Baglan, Bryn and Cwmavon, Cymmer, Glyncorrwg, Gwynfi, Margam, Port Talbot, Sandfields East, Sandfields West and Tai-bach.

Aberavon (3 seats)

Headlines: Deputy Mayor Jeff Dinham loses his seat

Elected: Ceri Golding (Labour) 751, Mark Jones (Labour) 740, Tony Taylor (Social Democratic Party) 702.

Full results: Jeff Dinham (Social Democratic Party) 550, Ceri Golding (Labour) 751, Mark Jones (Labour) 740, Paul Nicholls-Jones (Plaid Cymru) 185, Thomas John Sullivan (Social Democratic Party) 556, Tony Taylor (Social Democratic Party) 702, Barbara Trahar (Labour) 613

Baglan (3 seats)

Elected: Carol Clement (Labour) 1038, Paul Greenaway (Labour) 906, Peter Richards (Labour) 1190

Full results: Carol Clement (Labour) 1038, David Keith Coslett (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 881, Paul Greenaway (Labour) 906, Mike Lewis (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 861, TJ Morgan (Conservative) 186, Peter Richards (Labour) 1190, John Cardy Tallamy (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 862

Bryn and Cwmavon (3 seats)

Elected: Marian Lewis (Labour) 1168, Dave Whitelock (Labour) 987, David Williams (Labour) 1321

Full results: Marian Lewis (Labour) 1168, Brin Roblin (Independent) 631, David James Shepherd (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 358, Dave Whitelock (Labour) 987, David Williams (Labour) 1321, Vincent Gwynfor Williams (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 500

Cymmer (1 seat)

Uncontested election: Scott Jones (Labour)

Glyncorrwg (1 seat)

Elected: H Glyn Rawlings (Labour) 271

Full results: Lindsay David Milsom (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 201, H Glyn Rawlings (Labour) 271

Gwynfi (1 seat)

Elected: Ralph Thomas (Labour) 502

Full results: Jane Jones (Independent) 153, Ralph Thomas (Labour) 502

Margam (1 seat)

Elected: Robert Jones (Labour) 402

Full results: Caroline Yvonne Jones (Conservative) 110, Robert Jones (Labour) 402, Matthew Thomas McCarthy (Liberal Democrats) 61, George Roy Ridgeway (Social Democratic Party) 129, Scott John Sullivan (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 166

Port Talbot (3 seats)

Headlines: Saifur Rahaman becomes Neath Port Talbot’s first Asian councillor

Elected: Ian Ben James (Labour) 831, Dennis Keogh (Labour) 782, Saifur Rahaman (Labour) 707

Full results: Stephen Griffiths (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 479, Ian Ben James (Labour) 831, Marge Jones (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 528, Dennis Keogh (Labour) 782, Keith James Miller (Conservative) 107, Saifur Rahaman (Labour) 707, Andrew James Tutton (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 542

Sandfields East (3 seats)

Headlines: Captain Beany fails to win a seat on his 21st attempt at standing for office

Elected: Collin Crowley (Labour) 879, Lella Helen James (Independent) 1116, Ted Latham (Labour) 1041

Full results: Captain Beany (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 669, Collin Crowley (Labour) 879, Lella James (Independent) 1116, Pat Jones (Labour) 750, Ted Latham (Labour) 1041, Len Willis (Independent) 622

Sandfields West (3 seats)

Elected: Audrey Chaves (Labour) 1173, James Stephen Evans (Labour) 1088, Suzanne Paddison (Labour) 1078

Full results: Audrey Chaves (Labour) 1173, Oliver Stewart Davies (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 368, James Stephen Evans (Labour) 1088, Olga Jones (Independent) 242, Wayne Morris (Social Democratic Party) 219, Suzanne Paddison (Labour) 1078, Keith Suter (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 377, Joan Targett (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 363

Tai-bach (2 seats)

Elected: John Rogers (Labour) 1138, Anthony James Taylor (Labour) 942

Full results: Leslie John Davies (Neath Port Talbot Independent Party) 494, John Rogers (Labour) 1138, Anthony James Taylor (Labour) 942

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