NSA wants benefit for all in Lido rebuild

9 July 2012

A COMMUNITY organisation invited to be part of the Lido rebuilding venture made it clear over the weekend that the leisure options outlined in the council’s plans were beyond its remit and expertise.

workam wlaks behing grids of demolition work of the Afan Lido

Demolition of the Afan Lido – NSA had offices in the building and was forced to relocate its youth and enterprise projects after the fire. Photograph by Ingrid Bousquet

New Sandfields Aberavon (NSA) issued a statement circulated at its annual beach festival event, to clarify that while it fully supported the council’s “quest to build a modern seafront building complex”, its only involvement was with community enterprise facilities, which developed youth and learning resources.

In the statement the organisation said it was “aware” of opinions of former Lido users who wanted extra lanes and other facilities at the new pool”.

However, it added that it “had not participated in the consultation in respect of the leisure aspects of the new complex”, adding that this was an area for “Celtic Community Leisure who will be responsible for managing those activities”.

Future role

NSA wanted to emphasise to the public that its future role in the project was to “establish modern office and work space for those seeking to set up community business” as well as setting up a community restaurant and IT suite.

NSA aimed, if successful, for these facilities to be “accessible to the public on a larger scale” and for activities there to be “mutually beneficial to all”.

The organisation had had a base at the former Lido complex before it burned down in December 2009, employing six out of its 38 staff at offices on the old site. The company also suffered heavy revenue cuts – estimated at £150,000 – in lost income and partnership working resulting from the fire.

NSA had also been involved in 2008 in discussions in developing a separate community enterprise centre alongside the old Lido and had progressed an expression of interest in obtaining a European Regional Development Fund grant for the project.

When the council began putting forward proposals to rebuild the Lido, NSW was asked to reconsider its bid for a separate community enterprise centre in favour of being part of the rebuild and agreed to incorporate its plans into the new venture.

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