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Magnet’s in print… but what now???

3 September 2013

Worried, confused, amazed? You’ve had your copy of Port Talbot Magnet through the door – but what now?

You are no doubt intrigued, impressed, hungry for more… but more than that, you have questions. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and the Magnet team is here to help. Just read our handy FAQ to find out everything you could ever want to know about Magnet – and possibly more



So what’s this Magnet thing all about then?

It’s a free news magazine for Port Talbot produced by professional journalists. We’ve been working on launching it since late 2009, first by starting our website www.porttalbotmagnet.com – and then by furiously trying all kinds of plans until we got some start-up capital to get us going. The Carnegie Trust awarded us a £10,000 grant as part of their Neighbourhood News scheme, and the first issue is our September 2013 one. We are a co-operative and a social enterprise. Our overall aim is to ensure that local news (and all its benefits) are not lost to the town of Port Talbot. We believe news can and should be a positive force in society, holding authority to account, building communities and bringing economic growth and prosperity. Read more in our About Us section.

How come I haven’t heard about you before?

Well where on earth have you been? We were a community partner of the National Theatre Wales production of The Passion and produced their official Passion: Memory souvenir guide. We run a Facebook Group with 1,600 members and growing and our own page with 1,200 likes. We were the only news provider to follow every meeting of the grassroots campaign around the Afan Lido, which had 10,000 signatures on its petition. We welcome between 1,500 and 4,500 visitors to our website every month. We have held pop-up newsdesks in the centre of the Aberafan Shopping Centre. We’ve had articles written about us in the Times, The Guardian and the Press Gazette and more, and we’ve been on programmes on ITV and BBC, and on BBC Radio Wales. But we’re glad you’ve heard about us now, it’s great to see you. Please tell all your friends about us and join the Facebook group and give us a Like.

So how do I get hold of a copy?

The Magnet will be delivered to 20,000 homes in Port Talbot – the areas we cover are Baglan, Sandfields, Aberavon and Cwmavon in the SA12 postcode area, and Central Port Talbot, Taibach and Margam in the SA13 area. But if you live outside these areas, you can subscribe by clicking here.

I live in one of the delivery areas but I didn’t get a copy. How can I get one?

Email porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com with your name and address and we’ll send you one.

One copy isn’t enough – can you send me more?

Yes, you can visit our ‘Buy an issue’ section to order extra copies.

I’ve got my own business. Can you do me a deal for advertising?

Oh go on then. How about an introductory offer of £60 per month for 1/6 of a page if you sign up for 3 or more issues? Or get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements – we do great mates’ rates, so all you have to do is get on the phone and become a mate. Call 07720 866 322 or email advertising@porttalbotmagnet.com

I like your style. Can I come and work for you?

Yes. We have openings for advertising sales people, freelance journalists and photographers. Email your CV and a covering letter detailing your passion and experience to porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com and put ‘HIRE ME’ in the subject line.

How come that massive news story I heard about isn’t in the Magnet?

Assuming it’s genuine news (and not an unsubstantiated rumour) it’s got to be one of two reasons. One – we couldn’t fit it in because there was too much else going in. Two – it wasn’t right for the magazine for some reason (eg timing or we’re still working on it), but it might go on to the website or be in the next issue. If you think we’ve missed something, though, please do drop us a line to tell us all about it. Email porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com.

Can I tell you about something that’s going on for a news article?

Absolutely. Click here to fill in a form, or email porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com.

How often does the Magnet come out?

We’d like it to be monthly but at the moment it’s as often as we can get enough money together to fund each issue. You can help by advertising with us, becoming a sponsor, fundraising for us or donating some of your own money. We call this pitching-in and you can find out lots more on our Pitch-in! section.

Can I send in a photo I took for the Magnet?

Yes. You need to make sure you tell us exactly who took the photo and exactly who or what it shows. Also, make sure it is a decent size, which is important for ensuring it looks good in print. If you’re not sure, email porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com and ask for our guidelines.

Do you pay for tip-offs, photos, letters and stuff?

Sorry, no. Port Talbot Magnet is a community news service and so it is a communal, shared asset for the whole town. That’s why we think it should be a collective endeavour that we all put something into – because we all get the benefit. There are no shareholders; any profits are reinvested in the project. You can become a member of the co-operative, which gives you one vote at our annual general meeting. It currently costs £10 for the year. Click here to join.

Where’s your office? Can I come and see you?

We have been given some office space at the NSA Development Centre on Bevin Avenue in Sandfields. Most of the people working on the project are volunteers or freelancers, so we don’t have someone manning the office all the time, but you can certainly get in touch to make an appointment and we’ll meet you there.

I’ve got a question you haven’t answered. Who can I ask to get the answer?

Email porttalbotmagnet@gmail.com and we will do our very best.

I think what you’re doing for Port Talbot is absolutely brilliant. What’s the best way to channel this outpouring of emotion?

Thanks very much. We like chocolate.

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