Kite surfers rescued by lifeboat

11 July 2014

RNLI Port Talbot lifeboat launching. Photo by Mel Cooper.

RNLI Port Talbot lifeboat launching. Photo by Mel Cooper.

The lifeboat was launched at 7.45pm on Tuesday 8 July after a member of the public reported two kite surfers in trouble near the north breakwater, around 200 metres off shore. The surfers had also been spotted by the RNLI crew who were on station for a training night. The kite surfers had one kite and were taking it in turns to ride it.

The person ashore saw his friend in trouble and had started to swim out to him but soon became exhausted and started to flounder. The lifeboat was soon on scene and the swimmer was pulled into the lifeboat first.

The lifeboat then came alongside the person on the kite who was in the water entangled in his lines. The crew freed him from the lines and he was pulled into the lifeboat together with his kite. The casualties were picked up by an RNLI vehicle and taken to the lifeboat station. There they were given hot drinks and warmed up. They did not require any medical attention.

“What could have been a very serious situation was dealt with quickly and safely and luckily the two persons were spotted soon after getting into trouble,” said spokesman Mel Cooper. “Conditions were not ideal, with a choppy sea and strong off-shore wind. Kite surfers or anyone using the water should always take into account the conditions at the time and take the necessary precautions including wearing a lifejacket.”


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