Just three weeks left to save Taibach library

7 March 2014

Concerned residents at a meeting in Taibach Library.

Concerned residents at a meeting in Taibach Library.

An urgent appeal has gone out for volunteers who can help run the closure-threatened Taibach Library.

A meeting is being held in the library on Monday (March 10) at 6pm by Friends of Taibach Library.

They are hoping to get enough volunteers to run the library after Neath Port Talbot Council withdraws funding on March 31.

Since the council announced it was proposing to close nine libraries in Neath Port Talbot to save more than £238,000, fans of Taibach Library have mounted a huge campaign to keep it open.

The campaign has also attracted the support of Hollywood actor Michael Sheen, who emailed the Friends, saying: “Access to what libraries can offer, especially to young people, is invaluable if we want our communities, both now and in the future to have the best chance at thriving and having the opportunities that should be every citizen’s right.”

The Friends are hoping a restrictive covenant placed on the building and land by Emily Charlotte Talbot in 1914 to protect its use as a library, will help them in their fight.

But unless a community groups can be set up to run the library on a voluntary basis, it will have to close.

Campaigner Sean Pursey said: “We need people who can commit time on a regular basis in order to establish a successful volunteer-run library for the community. Neath Port Talbot Council will cease to run the library from March 31st. The library WILL CLOSE if we can’t gather together enough volunteers to take over running the library.”

The group also needs to raise funds urgently to cover running costs.

Supporter Gwyneth Taylor said: “The council reckon they will save £238,000 by closing NINE libraries. It’s not a big saving for such a massive loss – when will the councils realise they get a huge return for the minimal outlay they invest in their library services?”

Local resident Linda Clement, who has used the library for almost 30 years, said: “My children grew up using and enjoyed going and now my five-year-old grandson has joined and he is loving going there, we would be gutted if it closed.”

People who cannot attend Monday’s meeting can leave their details at the library.


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As a Brent Library Campaigner I send you all my wishes for your campaign. It is as you say here, such a small saving for such a massive loss:

Our Council closed 50% of our Brent libraries three years ago 6 out of 12 and have since closed 2 more while opening a mega library right by Wembley Stadium which is dreadfully difficult to access Last week we read aloud the whole of UNDER MILK WOOD for Dewi SAnt and to protest the lack of poetry sections in Brent Libraries.