Higher than expected turnout at Neath Port Talbot

24 June 2016

Turnout is higher than expected in Neath Port Talbot with 71.57%.

The figure is higher than the UK average which currently stands at 67.21%.

Remain campaigners for Neath Port Talbot have previously speculated that a high turnout may favour a vote to remain in the EU. However, the latest declarations across English and Scottish counties reveal high attendance does not necessarily predict a remain victory.

Tonight’s turnout has bucked the trend of recent years. The collective turnout for the Aberavon and Neath constituencies was 64.8% in the 2015 General Election.

Historically election turnout in Wales has been lower than the UK average. In the 2015 General Election average turnout across the UK was 66.1%. In comparison turn out in Wales was marginally lower at 65.6%.

Returning officer Steve Phillips said postal voting, at over 80%, had contributed to the figure.

The result for Neath Port Talbot is expected to be announced before 3AM.


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