Green Park Weir Improvement Project gets underway

12 July 2016

A major renovation project to strengthen and improve Green Park Weir on the River Afan has begun.

The project aims to benefit the Afan by improving water management, increasing water security for local businesses, and safeguarding future generations from flooding.

The Green Park Weir has been in its current form since the 1890s. It channels water to the docks and to the steelworks for cooling purposes.

The improved weir will also aid migratory fish, allowing them to make their journey upstream with greater ease. It will also improve existing conditions and develop more sustainable fish populations in the river.

John Phillips, Afan Valley Angling Club, said: “Another chapter in the history of the River Afan has begun with the restructuring of the Green Park Weir. Amidst the current UK decline in migratory fish stocks it is indeed exciting to see such a project coming to fruition. This project is likely to have a positive effect on the migratory fish stocks of the River.”

The renovation has been commissioned by ABP South Wales and is in collaboration with Natural Resources Wales, Tata Steel (UK) Ltd, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, and the Afan Valley Angling Club.

Bob Slorach, ABP Projects Engineer, said: “This job is complicated because of the need to rebuild the whole weir while working within the river itself and maintaining river flows and flows to the docks for navigation and the steel works. This means available working areas are very restricted. However, the project is vital in order to ensure the future of the river management and the local economy.”

Due to the complexity of the project, and in the interest of public safety, the Riverside Walkway was closed on the eastern side of the river from Monday 27 June for the duration of the works – from Halfpenny Bridge down to the Harbour Way Roundabout.

Diversions along the walkway and clear signage have been put in place. In the interest of public safety parents are asked to keep their children away from the site during the works.

Further information about the project and the diversion route can be viewed on the following websites:

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