Facelift for Station Road shopping zone

22 January 2012

Port Talbot Station Road Canopy

An impression of the canopy at Station Road

A £4 million facelift for the town centre will include refurbishment of the shop front
canopy in Station Road as part of the plan.

Neath Port Talbot Council has secured a £1.1 million European grant
towards the renovation.

A major feature of the refurbishment will be the renewal of the canopy
running along the shop fronts. The new look will improve the
street scene in the town and make it more attractive and welcoming
for shoppers whatever the weather, according to a council spokesperson.

The existing structure will remain but will be remodelled and decorated.
The curved plastic cover will be removed and replaced with straight
panels of laminate glass letting in more light and creating a more pleasant
shopping experience.

To complement the canopy, Station Road and Forge Road will have
new stainless steel and wooden street furniture including benches, tables,
bollards, bins and lighting pillars as well as planters and balustrading to
the river bank.

The refurbishment will be carried out in phases and efforts will be
made to reduce disruption to businesses, says the council.
Tenders are
due to go out in February, and the work is expected to start in early April
with the expectation it would be finished by Christmas.

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Josie says:

Hmm, yes Station Rd needs a facelift but whats the point when there are no decent shops there and the canopy will only serve the purpose of keeping prams and pasty’s dry – perhaps no canopy and spend the £1.1m giving the shops / shop fronts a regen make over and taking town back to what it was? I live in Port Talbot and love Port Talbot but the town centre is just a depressing hang out or meeting point for the unemployed and pram brigade and serves no purpose to the working class peoople who want nice shops – because they won’t come here, they’d rather go to Swansea or Cardiff.

This is the lasting legacy of the councils of the past who ruined our town in the 60’s and 70’s who apart from ripping the soul out of the place, also told M&S to take a hike when they wanted to open a shop here!