Crime chief candidate is hit by business break-in

23 October 2012

ONE of the candidates for the post of police and crime commissioner in South Wales has herself become a victim of crime.

Caroline Jones has vowed to support victims of crime.

Caroline Jones, of the Welsh Conservatives, had her business premises – the Baker Boy café in Porthcawl – broken into in the early hours of Sunday, prompting her to renew a pledge to give 10 per cent of her salary to support crime victims if elected.
She said of the break-in: “Fortunately no-one was hurt, but there was extensive damage to the front of the building.
“This incident is a clear reminder that there is more to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour, and if elected that is exactly what I will do.
“My number one priority is to reduce crime, particularly anti-social behaviour, which is a blight on our communities.
“In order to do this, I believe very strongly in ensuring that as many police as possible are visible on the streets. I want to see less back-room form-filling and more Bobbies out on the beat.
“It is time to redress the balance, and to strengthen support for victims of crime and their families.”
Caroline Jones, from Margam, who has worked in teaching, local government and the prison service, as well as being self-employed, added: “The reckless damage done to my property over the weekend has served to reinforce my belief that my personal campaign pledge is absolutely the right thing to do.
“If elected, I will donate 10 per cent of my salary before tax to organisations dealing with victims of crime and crime prevention.
“I believe it is important as police and crime commissioner to show my commitment to those who work alongside the police, as well as supporting the police themselves in the fantastic work they do for our communities.”

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