Council to sell old Lido site for £2.1m

22 July 2012

An aerial shot showing the old Lido site and the proposed location for the new build

An aerial shot showing the old Lido site and the proposed location for the new build

THE REPORT on the Afan Lido rebuild, released last Friday, has confirmed the Council is looking to sell the old Lido site for £2.1m, and recommends that the new facility can not be built unless the land is sold.

This is the first time the Council has openly admitted that selling the land was part of its £13.6m scheme to provide a new leisure facility to replace the Afan Lido, which was destroyed by fire in 2009.

In June, the Council’s Chief Executive, Steve Phillips, led a public meeting at which he was pressed about the future of the original Afan Lido site. In response, he said, “Nothing has been ruled in or out. We will probably take that piece of land to market at some point in the future.”

Now, the report outlining the recommendations of the Council to Cabinet members, says that the £13.6m price tag of the new build could not be achieved without the sale of the old Lido site.

This is also the first time the Council has revealed a detailed breakdown of its budgets. The report confirmed the budget was broken down into an insurance payout of £5.2m, prudential borrowing based upon the relocation of facilities, such as Sandfields Library, of £0.9m, savings on the Lido since the fire of £1.7m, reductions in operating costs of £3.7m and the £2.1m from the sale of the land.

“Rebuilding on the existing site would obviously not allow the site to be disposed of, and that effectively reduces the funding available for the project by an estimated £2.1m, potentially jeopardising its overall affordability,” warned the report.

Meanwhile, the report also revealed that a single developer has already made it through the three stages of its consultation process.

“The developer has identified the Bowling Alley site as part of their preferred location site; this leaves the former Afan Lido site available for further redevelopment and regeneration,” said the report.

The developer is not named in the report, and no future use of the Afan Lido site is detailed.

The Cabinet will vote on the recommendations on Wednesday.


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