Chris Needs in TV visit to Cwmavon

22 October 2012

PORT Talbot radio presenter Chris Needs will be reporting from Cwmavon this week – on television.

Chapel visit: Chris Needs.

He will be presenting a special edition of S4C’s religious and spiritual programme Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol on Sunday (October 28) from the Afan Valley village where he grew up.
During the programme he will present some of his favourite hymns, and discuss faith and chapel life. He will also visit Capel Seion Bethania, where his late mother would preach and he would play the organ.
“Capel Seion Bethania is a very important place for me. We would always attend three times on a Sunday,” says Chris as he guides us through the chapel.
“I can imagine my mother now, sat in her seat, and I remember when the place was full to the rafters.”
While sitting on the seat in front of the organ, he recalls a funny story.
“I remember once, my mother was preaching and I was at the organ almost falling asleep since I’d been working late the previous night. Mother had told me ‘When I say ‘Amen’, I want you to play the note for the Lord’s Prayer’.
“But, she was going on and on with her sermon until eventually I  fell asleep. The next thing, whack, my mother whacked the song book across my head to wake me up!”
Last year, Chris suffered an illness that he says almost killed him.
“I can’t believe I’m here today. I’m a bit thinner, but I’m still here,” said Chris, who lost more than seven stone during his illness.

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