Labour Councillor Anthony Taylor

Campaigners predict NPT Leave victory despite high turnout

24 June 2016

Sandfields Labour Councillor and Remain campaigner Anthony Taylor believes that it might be a narrow victory for the leave campaign in the EU Referendum despite an effective Remain campaign. This comes following a 71.57% turnout.

Mr Taylor said it had been an effective campaign on the ground with plenty of volunteers getting  involved. “It shows that people are enthused to get involved. There appears to be plenty of people who haven’t voted before that have now got involved.”

Despite this, he believes that the high voter turnout could potentially give the Leave campaign a boost. “Well currently it’s neck and neck with it currently looking like it might be a narrow victory for the Leave campaign. It’s clear people have been enthused to have an influence on the outcome and at the end of the day we will see which side benefits the most.”

One issue the Labour Councillor found to be prominent on doorsteps was immigration, with many saying they were concerned about their fears the EU is unable to control immigration into the UK.

The high voter turnout did, however, provide a clear sense optimism for the Labour Councillor as he added, “I think it’s a positive thing. It is clearly democracy in action with more people enthused to get involved in the process. It is clearly a very important decision.”



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