The start of the children's 2km fun run, part of the Bwystfil y Bryn run

Graham Rowlands

Beast of Bryn run cancelled due to difficulties facing TATA Steel

12 April 2016

Competition organisers for the Beast of Bryn run have been forced to cancel the race due to recent announcements made about TATA Steel, sponsor for the annual event.

After a meeting with the works director of TATA Steel, the decision not to put the event on was made, meaning that the race was to be cancelled.

The successful race has grown year on year attracting more runners and spectators from far afield, raising more than £60,000 for charity. The organisers have shared a very personal link to the race, working tirelessly during the last five years to provide a community event as well as donating the funds raised to charities.

Competition organiser and TATA steel worker, Shaun Tobin, said: “On behalf of the organizing committee we thank you for supporting and making what we think is a great and unique event. We have strived with a lot of passion, fun and hard work to create an unforgettable experience for both athlete, supporter and spectator alike.
This event would not have been able to be such a great success without the totally voluntary support from numerous people and businesses, far too many to mention. No matter how little or large that support has been we really appreciate it.”

Captain Beany, Port Talbot’s very own superhero who runs the race, said, “I am so devastated for the community, and I for one, as a local charity fundraiser, hope that whoever takes over the TATA business, or whether it continues, will be able to fund the event Beast of Bryn event in future.”

Entrants who have already signed up for the race will receive a full refund.

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Mark Llewellyn says:

How much does it cost to sponsor the race anyway?