Beany’s unbelievable beauty secret

1 April 2016

Captain Beany has finally revealed the secret to his youthful good looks in a Magnet exclusive, and you won’t believe it.

The Beany Facial is likely to be the next big beauty trend

The Beany Facial is likely to be the next big beauty trend

Far from being an old fart, the Captain’s skin is young at heart. Now the half-baked hero has chosen to lift the lid on how he has kept himself looking so young and full of beans.

The orange-hued superhero is famed for his fundraising capers including setting the record for sitting in a bath of baked beans, and his Baked Bean Museum recently appeared in Channel 4 documentary Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses.

He is also well-known for looking much younger than his 87 years.

“It was when I first sat in a bath of baked beans that I noticed an amazing beany bonus,” confides the Captain. “My skin seems to have stopped ageing from the moment I stepped into that bean bath back in 1986.”

Now he gives himself a beany spa treatment every day. Watch the video to see the Captain’s BIZARRE BEAUTY RITUAL.

What’s more, SCIENTISTS say there is plenty of evidence for the beauty benefits of beans.

Doctor Harry Coe told the Magnet that essential fatty acids, proteins and a unique vitamin complex combine in the tin to produce the beneficial juice.

“We think something happens during the tinning process that makes these quite ordinary ingredients come together to make this super treatment for the skin. You’ve heard of super foods – well this really is the ultimate.”

The Captain agrees. “I always make sure I have  a tin on my bathroom shelf,” he says. “And not just because I get hungry.”


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