AM welcomes pupils to Assembly

30 June 2011

Pupils from Croeserw Primary at the Senedd

Pupils from an Abervaon primary school have paid a visit to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Years three to six from Croeserw Primary made the visit as part of a geography project, which sees the pupils researching the difference between Cardiff and their hometown, as well as painting some of Cardiff Bay’s landmarks.

They were the first local school visitors to be welcomed to the Senedd by David Rees, AM for Aberavon, following his election in May. The children had a tour of the Senedd building, where they learned about its history and the role it plays in Welsh life.

Mr Rees said: ““It was wonderful to have the pupils here. They asked some fantastic questions and were a real credit to their school and teachers. I’m looking forward to visiting Croeserw Primary and seeing the results of everyone’s hard work.

He added: “I hope for the children this will be the start of a lifelong interest in their local environment, the Assembly and Welsh politics.”

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