Am I dreaming? No you’re Miss Wales!

24 July 2011

Sara Manchipp – Miss Wales 2011

Sara Manchipp – also known as Miss Wales 2011 – has, over the past three days, told Port Talbot Magnet about her forthcoming university course and her family.

Today – the penultimate day of our exclusive interview  – the Baglan 21-year-old discusses the memorable moment she was named Miss Wales.

Q: The Miss Wales pageant was an all-guns-blazing show. Tell us a little bit about it.

A: Oh, there were 55 beautiful women on stage that night, some tall, some short, some in between. They were all talented in their own individual ways and, although everyone thinks they have a chance and there’s always hope, there’s always a big question mark because the only thing that really counts is the collective opinion of the 11 judges. When my name was read out as the winner I had a whole mixture of emotions, from feeling physically sick to feeling like I’d just been hit by a thousand tons of bread flour! It was such a shock, I couldn’t believe it and it took my breath away for a few moments. everything seemed to go quiet, I couldn’t hear anything, all I could see was bright lights and the main thought going through my mind was ‘Oh my gosh, am I dreaming?’ Of course, the judges each perceive beauty in different ways. When it comes to the Miss World event in London in November I just hope the judges think that being short is a good thing because I’ll be the shortest in the show – by five inches! I’m only 5ft 3ins – the nearest to me is 5ft 8ins.”

Tomorrow “Having our own national language that’s many hundreds of years old is a big positive for us, a great strength and something that celebrates our independent nature; more of us should learn it.”

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