If you’re looking to grow your business, advertising is a key method of telling prospective customers about what your business offers and why they should come to you.

Port Talbot Magnet offers excellent reach on the web and we also publish a quarterly tabloid newspaper with a circulation of 20,000. Click here for more information about our distribution.

Advertise your business with us and you’ll get a local, loyal audience at an affordable price. In many cases it’s cheaper than leafleting, and gives you a much greater reach.


Our newspaper is well-liked and has excellent reach in Port Talbot and the Afan Valley. Our adverts start from £40 for a small business card-sized space.

Prices for some of our most commonly booked spaces:

  • Business card size: £40
  • Postcard size (portrait): £80
  • Postcard size (landscape): £120
  • Banner: £120
  • Quarter page: £180
  • Half page: £360

How it works

The pages are divided into 72 boxes, (six across and 12 down) and we charge £10 per box, with a minimum 4-box booking. Give us a call and our advertising sales manager Gareth Howells will be more than happy to come and see you to explain how we can best suit your budget.

You can supply your own print-ready artwork, or let us design your advert for you for £25 for less than a 3×6 size, or £35 for a 3×6 size or larger.

Call 07720 866 322 to make an appointment today.


Our ads work out at less than £1 a day – great value for money.

Book a slot with us and you can change your advert as often as you like within that time to promote your latest offers and promotions.

Since our launch in spring 2011, we have welcomed more than 131,269 visitors to the site and there have been more than 289,106 views of our pages (updated 9/6/2016).

Our visitor numbers are strong and steady, with around 4,700 regular visitors and 7,700 page views on our site every month. We also run a growing Facebook page, Port Talbot Magnet News, and a group, Port Talbot News, which combined have more than 6,000 members. Our readers  are loyal and interested in Port Talbot: they spend an average of 2 minutes on our site and look at more than two pages per visit. We know that a significant part of our audience is local, living in Port Talbot, Swansea, Cardiff or Neath. We also have a substantial following of ex-pats in London.

We are already helping local groups and businesses to get noticed and create a buzz around their events and products.


Advertising with us brings many benefits. We offer:
– A local readership
– Personal service – we tailor a package to help you get the most for your money
– Excellent value for money
– Introductory offers for new advertisers, great deals for loyal clients
– Social capital – we are a social enterprise with the interests of the community at heart
– A link to your website, and a profile of your company in our business section

Contact Gareth Howells on or 07720 866 322.

Port Talbot MagNet reserves the right to exercise editorial discretion and refuse advertising for any site if we feel the product or service is inappropriate. If your advert is refused, your payment will be refunded.

All statistics sourced from Google Analytics, January 2015.