Action plan aims to clean up air pollution

7 November 2012

THE Welsh Government has launched a 12-week consultation on its draft Clean Air for Port Talbot short-term action plan.
Historically, the town has a high level of pollution that is generally attributed to the industrial nature of the area. In addition, there are emissions from road transport.
The Assembly Government has produced a short-term action plan to outline the measures that can be taken, in addition to everyday activities, where there is a risk of particulate matter limit values being exceeded.
There should be no more than 35 days a year when daily average particulate matter (PM10s) exceeds European limits on air pollution.
The draft plan, which outlines a number of actions to be carried out by the Assembly Government, Environment Agency Wales and Neath Port Talbot Council, has been welcomed by Aberavon AM David Rees.
He said: “I welcome the Government’s action plan, which will focus upon improving air quality.
“Over recent years we have seen improvements in the air quality over Port Talbot, and great efforts by industrialists, such as Tata, to reduce emissions.
“However, we cannot rest on such actions, and must continue to strive to reduce PM10s and limit the severity of any breaches.
“I want to encourage all residents to engage in the consultation process so that we have a plan that works for Port Talbot.”
Comments received from residents and local interest groups during the consultation period will be used to develop a final plan. In 2013 a second public consultation on a revised plan will be carried out.
Environment Minister John Griffiths said: “We are taking steps to deliver actions that make a difference to ordinary people, their families and communities.
“We are doing this by acting in the long-term interests of the people of Wales, putting sustainable jobs and growth first, but never losing sight of other factors that are vital to people’s long-term quality of life.
“I encourage everyone living in the Port Talbot area to read our plan to improve air quality in their neighbourhood and to respond to this consultation.”
The consultation runs until January 29, 2013, and can be read on

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Heidi says:

In Margam since the second blast furnace has been going the pollution has doubled to really unacceptable levels. Everything is covered in a black sparkly soot. I am dusting off the furniture and ledges relatively large bits of what could be chromium that can only have come from the Tata steel plant.

I read in the Evening Post about a meeting on the 17th July in Taibach which I missed because I didn’t know about it. There the executives of Tata said they had had technical problems, but I don’t see any improvement. The chimneys still blast out filth on a regular basis. Surely this can be filtered to stop the pollution? I’m just thinking that crematoriums have an advanced filtration system that we never smell dead bodies burning why can’t Tata steel?