Port Talbot Magnet is run by Local News South Wales Ltd, a not-for-profit community co-operative. The company has been set up to provide a local news and information service to the people and communities of Port Talbot and the Afan Valley.

We are a mix of professional freelance journalists and community volunteers. We work as a members’ co-operative, and we are also a social enterprise and a company limited by guarantee.

We believe local journalism is vital to communities. Recent research into news black holes following newspaper closures suggests a democratic deficit arises when journalists are not based in the communities they cover. We are therefore committed to establishing a sustainable local news service for Port Talbot.

The story so far

The website was launched in autumn 2010 under the name Local News Port Talbot and on the domain name www.lnpt.org. We rebranded in April 2011 as Port Talbot Magnet. We received grant funding from Carnegie UK in 2013 to launch a tabloid newspaper. This was quarterly (and sometimes sporadic) until late 2015, but is now monthly.

Our Board currently comprises four directors: Rachel Howells, Ken Smith, Darren Boxer and Ingrid Bousquet.

Port Talbot Magnet is ethically minded and politically neutral.

Get involved
Volunteer: You can get involved, learn new skills and help us by volunteering your time. We are looking for people to write, take photographs, make short films, help out with research or administrations. You can also help by sending us your photos or stories of Port Talbot.
Join the co-operative: Sign up as a member for just £10. We have regular AGMs  held in Port Talbot. Email editor@porttalbotmagnet.com to find out more.

Individuals: Donations help us to develop the website, follow up on stories and provide a more comprehensive news service.
Enterprises: Any help with premises, office furniture, office and media equipment or financial support would be welcome. There is also the option of sponsoring a sports or performance section.

Contact us to discuss our flexible and affordable online and print advertising rates. Email advertising@porttalbotmagnet.com to find out more.

Get in touch
If you know of a story you think we should cover and for anything else, please
email us at editor@porttalbotmagnet.com or leave a comment below.

A number of supportive individuals and organisations have helped us get where we are today. We thank them all. They include NSA Afan, the Wales Co-operative Centre, Port Talbot YMCA, Cardiff University, The Centre for Community Journalism, the National Union of Journalists, National Theatre Wales, the local MP and AMs, Captain Beany, and many more.

Port Talbot Magnet makes every effort to give full credit to all contributions and the copyright of all contributors. If you have not been properly credited for any reason, please contact us and we will rectify any mistake.