£4m facelift for town centre streets

19 December 2011

SHOPPERS and traders in Port Talbot are set to benefit from a £4 million facelift for the town centre.

Neath Port Talbot Council has been successful in securing a European grant of £1.1 million towards the cost so that the refurbishment can go ahead.

Forge Road is targeted for improvements. Picture: Wordsmithfor hire

Station Road and Forge Road are to have new stainless steel and wooden street furniture including benches, tables, bollards, bins and lighting pillars, as well as planters, and ballustrading to the riverbank.

The main feature of the works will be the refurbishment of the canopy running along the shop fronts. The existing structure will remain but it will be remodelled and decorated to make it look more attractive and in keeping with the new street furniture. The curved plastic cover will be removed and replaced with straight panels of laminate glass, creating more light and a more pleasant shopping experience.

The package  includes an investment of £1million for a Property Development Fund and £100,000 for Commercial Property Grants for businesses.

“Port Talbot’s shopping area has a unique appearance and allows people to shop outdoors even when it’s raining,” said council leader Ali Thomas.

“These improvements to the streetscene will make the town centre more vibrant and appealing which, in turn, will encourage more people to shop in Port Talbot.

“It will also help to attract more investment and jobs into the town.”

 Work is expected to start in the new year and will be finished in time for next Christmas.

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Opinion..yes says:

Waste of money, get ppl out to work n off their a**e’s! They wudn need street furniture then! I certainly haven got time to sit round up town as a working mum!!

Mike Witchell says:

“I hope this time they ask the people of Port Talbot want they want, not just the traders” – John Powell